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Click on the 'Predict Numbers' button to generate prediction results using our advanced machine learning models, including LSTM and CNN. For further information on each algorithm, please check the 'About' page. Utilize the 'Check' button to view the past frequency of winning numbers and evaluate their historical performance. If you find numbers that you like, you can save them using the 'Save' button to store them in the notepad located at the bottom right of the page for future use.

Lotto Max using CNN !!!:

Lotto Max using LSTM:


Lotto Max using 50 random 5:2 hot to cold numbers results, filtered by additional rules:


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Disclaimer: This website is for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness of the lottery predictions generated by our AI model. We also do not guarantee any winnings or monetary gain from the use of the predictions. We highly encourage our users to play responsibly and within their means.